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And thanks for checking in!

If you’re new here, my name is Jonas, aka “Zulushi”, and I’m a Canadian content creator and entertainer.

While my passion for creativity has earned me millions of followers, raving fans and the ability to travel across the world..

It has more importantly, allowed me to focus on what I love:

Share joy, laughter, and entertainment with others and collaborate with some pretty KICKASS gaming and tech companies!

But it wasn’t always like this. Just three short years ago, I was a student without a clear path, who just streamed for fun.

Having grown up playing Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, and eventually building my own gaming PC, my enthusiasm for gaming and entertainment developed over the years of friendly competition with my brothers and friends.

It was only after sharing my content that I realized people enjoyed watching me, a concept that completely struck me by surprise.

I was captivated by the idea that maybe, just maybe…

I could turn this passion into a career. With this newly found motivation and dream in mind, I tried and failed many times before experiencing anything close to a win.

During this period, I discovered the importance of consistency, creativity, and hard work.

And ultimately, I’ve learned what it takes to accomplish my dream of becoming a successful content creator and entertainer.

My mission is to Create, Innovate and Share.

Create engaging and relatable content through self-expression.

Innovate new ways to connect with people.

Share joy, laughter, and entertainment with others.

Share something in common?

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Creative & Digital

We create engaging content that people love and campaigns that drive results.

Data Science

Discover insightful patterns and use them to create better experiences for your users.

Market Research

We use live intel and results generated from campaigns to improve your future approach

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My Mission

Create engaging and relatable content through self-expression

Innovate new ways to connect with people

Share joy, laughter, and entertainment with others

Share something in common? Let's hear about your project!